A Call for Cookies

You’ve been skiing your head off since August it seems,

It’s consumed your whole life and invaded your dreams.


All those laps you’ve put in at Mt. Shark and Confed!

All those Saturday mornings, you not once stayed in bed.


Your technique has improved, you’re as fit as a fiddle,

Your shoulders have broadened, you’re all ripped in the middle.


Though the snow has been lousy for months you’ve persisted,

And when Cookie Race time came around you enlisted.


Race day arrives, and the sun’s shining bright,

The temperature’s perfect, the tracks are just right!


You line up with the racers, find just the right spot.

At the sound of the gun you take off like a shot.


Your grip wax is perfect, your triceps feel strong,

You cruise Pocaterra, you blitz Come-Along.


Lynx, Meadow, and Wheeler, you fly through the track,

You say ‘Gravity? What Gravity?’ as you climb Whiskey Jack.


On Tyrwhitt through the meadows, you charge like a bison.

You feel like you’re faster than Eric or Tyson!


The sunshine is brilliant, the vista first-class,

As you pause for a cookie on top of Elk Pass.


Then you rocket downhill at warp factor eleven,

Fox Creek and Moraine – wow! It’s single-track heaven!


One last cookie for Packers – your final big climb.

Then on down to the finish in new record time.


Oh, the roar of the crowd! You’ve made history today!

They bring you more cookies; you eat the whole tray!


You get like a hundred high-fives from the mob,

You pose for a photo beside Skier Bob.


The cookies are working, your strength is restored,

You wave to your fans and accept your award.


You resolve that next year you’ll come back to this place,

To make history once more at the Great Cookie Race!


Please bake a few dozen cookies and drop them off for the Cookie Monster at Confederation Park Monday Feb 18 until Thursday Feb 21, between 4pm and 8pm. Coolers will await your treats – just look for the signs. Or drop them off that same week at 1335 7th St NW Calgary in a cooler at the front door. Please send cookies in a zip lock bag or a container that you don’t want back.

Go to for info and to register. Registration closes Wednesday Feb 20 at 9:30pm. Thank you so much to the volunteers that have already signed up! We still need controllers, announcers, a truck driver, more setter-uppers and lots of marshals, so please check the sign-up sheet and pitch in where you can. Many jobs can be done by parents watching kids, or by racers before or after skiing.


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