Alberta World Cup Society Supports Cross Country Skiing

Foothills Nordic Ski Club is ever grateful for the support from the Alberta World Cup Society (AWCS).  Through the Alberta World Cup Cross Country Society Legacy Fund Investment, AWCS provided $11,000 towards the purchase of the Can-Am Outlander 850XT to replace irreparable grooming equipment (old snowmobile).  Grooming at Confed benefits over 550 youth, adults, and seniors in registered programming in addition to an increasing number of public users.

With the Covid-19 lockdown cross country skiing is one of the few activities available to the general public.  Foothills was determined to maintain the trails at Confederation Park for its members and the public even though uncertain of the ability to finance the operations at Confed and the large capital cost required this year.  With the support of AWCS the Confederation Park trail grooming will continue to provide quality and consistent trails to Calgarians.

“With the support of AWCS, we can offer better Nordic experiences to the community and grow the sport for the general public, recreational and competitive skiers. The new equipment will allow thousands of Calgary skiers to enjoy cross country skiing in the upcoming winter seasons.” Gabor Csonka, President, Foothills Nordic Ski Club.


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