Athlete Recognition and Support Program


Foothills Nordic promotes and assists the fund raising efforts of qualifying athletes who have been selected to an Albertan or a Canadian team and need to travel internationally for competitions. These international trips can cost up to $3,500 per athlete to attend.

The Club has set up a Zone4 donation page to support the qualifying athletes. All money received through this donation page will be divided equally between the qualifying athletes before their departure. Departure is typically mid February for the international competitions.

Fundraising Goal

The goal is to raise $3,000 to help offset travel costs.

Qualification Criteria

The athlete must:

  1. Have been selected to represent Alberta or Canada at an international competition.
  2. Be a Foothills Nordic member.
  3. Be under 21 years old.
  4. Want to participate in fundraising (and their parents too).
  5. Provide a short biography, picture, event information and background information.
  6. Use the money received to travel to an international competition as part of a Canadian team.
  7. Have the recommendation of their coach.
How to Donate

Please visit the Zone 4 donation page to make donations. All the money received will be divided equally among the qualified athletes prior to their departure. Thank you for your support.

Qualified Athletes (2018)

The following eight athletes have qualified for fund raising assistance in 2018.

  • Althea Brolsma
  • Nicole Gammie
  • Rory Gilliland
  • Thomas Hulsman
  • Rhys James
  • Pascale Paradis
  • Anna Pryce
  • Jenna Sherrington
Althea Brolsma – Cross Country

My name is Althea Brolsma. I am 17 years old and I have been skiing with Foothills Nordic since I was 5. I started in the Bunnies program and I’ve been racing competitively for six years. FNSC has been a big part of my life for many years and I’ve had a lot of fun not only racing but coaching the younger kids for the past four years. I enjoy giving back to the club and cultivating a love for snow and the sport in the younger generation while also racing provincially, nationally, and now internationally.

Earlier this season, I was part of the Alberta delegation that went to South Korea on a ski exchange. This was my first experience racing internationally and it was a complete eye-opener. This February, I am going to Europe on a joint trip with the Alberta Ski Team and the Alberta World Cup Academy for two weeks where we will be racing in Switzerland and Germany. I am very excited to get the opportunity to race internationally again, especially since the races we will be participating in are much bigger then what I’m used to. We will be doing two races in Klosters, Switzerland and three races in Zwiesel, Germany. I’m also looking forward to the friendships that this trip will bring because there will be other provincial teams from Canada and then of course the Europeans as well! I believe that this trip will be a great opportunity to grow as an athlete and it will also make me push myself physically and mentally. I can’t wait to represent my club and my country!

Rory Gilliland – Biathlon

I began biathlon when I was ten years old in Biathlon Bears, and it wasn’t long until I realized the amazing experiences and opportunities the sport had to offer. I struggle sometimes to balance full-time school and biathlon, but it’s worth it to me because of the invaluable lessons training and competing have taught me.  I always find myself blown away by the amazing atmosphere created by the outdoor training environment and the biathlon community as a whole. Outside of training and school, I enjoy hiking, reading, spending time with friends, and enjoying good movies.

I have raced for six years, and I have found success at many different stages, including Alberta Winter Games, Canadian Nationals, and recently at Junior IBU Cups in Austria and Italy. Later in the season, I will also compete at World Youth Championships in Otepää, Estonia from February 26 to March 4. I am excited to represent Foothills Nordic and Team Canada on an international level!

It is an absolute privilege and I am very proud to be racing for Canada—it has been a dream of mine for some time—and your support to help make this happen is much appreciated.  Thank you!

Thomas Hulsman – Biathlon

My name is Thomas Hulsman and I joined Foothills Nordic Ski Club at the age of 12 and started learning to ski and shoot. I love being outdoors, learning new things from the coaches and having fun racing. Since 2014 I’ve been fortunate to coach for the Club where I get to see young athletes doing the same great things. Today I train full time at the Biathlon Alberta Training Centre while coaching Biathlon for FNSC and the Alberta Biathlon Club.

Through hard work and dedication, I’ve been able to have success locally, nationally and most recently I was selected to the Biathlon Canada World Youth Junior Championships Team. In addition, I have been invited to represent Canada on the Junior IBU Cup where I will gain valuable experience competing against older athletes. The Team will be competing in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic January 25 – 27, Pokljuka, Slovenia January 30 to February 4, Training in Sjusjoen, Norway February 5 – 19, WYJCH in Otepää, Estonia, February 26 – March 4.   Upon my return from WYJCH, I will be representing Team Alberta in the Canadian National Biathlon Championships in Charlo, New Brunswick March 20 – 25, 2018.

I thank you for the opportunity.

Rhys James – Cross Country

My name is Rhys James.  I started skiing 5 years ago with the Foothills Nordic T1 program.  Since then, I have been skiing lots of races such as Alberta Cups, Easterns, Westerns and Nationals.

Thanks to Foothills Nordic, I’m able to take part in some of my first international races with the Alberta Ski Team where we will be traveling to Germany and Switzerland for some training and racing.  This will be a super exciting trip for me because racing outside of Canada has always been one of my personal goals.

Foothills Nordic is a great team to be a part of because there are so many people who are dedicated to the sport, making it super easy to stay dedicated and motivated.  The coaches work really hard to create the best training and racing opportunities for all of their athletes.  Skiing with Foothills Nordic has brought a lot of cool opportunities to my life that otherwise wouldn’t have been there, like meeting new people and traveling to new places.  Thanks so much for your help!

Pascale Paradis – Biathlon

My name is Pascale Paradis. I am 15 years old and a grade 10 student in Calgary. I feel incredibly fortunate to be going to Otepää, Estonia to represent Canada at the World Youth Biathlon Championships from February 19 – March 5, 2018.

I have been cross country skiing since I was 5 years old and
was completely hooked on biathlon when I was introduced to the sport at the age of 9 through the “Girls with Guns” program.  I raced at the World Youth trials this past January and was ecstatic to earn a spot on the Canadian Youth team.  It is also very special that I will be going with my long-time friend and teammate, Jenna Sherrington.  We have been training buddies for many years and it will be incredible (and nerve-wracking!) to experience the world stage together.

Aside from biathlon, I love backcountry skiing and mountain biking.  A backpack and a tent are all I need for a perfect holiday!

Foothills is an amazing club and I am so happy to represent them at Worlds.  Any support to subsidize this exciting adventure would be greatly appreciated.

Anna Pryce – Cross Country

My name is Anna Pryce and I have been part of Foothills Nordic Ski Club since 2008. I started skiing not long after I learned to walk and started racing at age 7. I love to ski and train with friends and enjoy the excitement of competition. For four years, I have been a coach to younger athletes and find this very rewarding.

Skiing has brought me so many unforgettable experiences including a trip to Gangwon Province, South Korea in 2017. This was my first time racing internationally and it was so exciting! In February 2018, I have been given the opportunity to travel to Europe with the Alberta Ski Team to race and train in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

To date, I have financed my ski racing with support from my parents, earnings from coaching and looking for sponsors. Any additional support provided by the club would be much appreciated.

Jenna Sherrington – Biathlon

My name is Jenna Sherrington and I am a biathlete from Calgary.  I put on my first pair of cross-country skis at the age of 2 and have not wanted to take them off since. When I was 9 years old, I witnessed biathlon for the first time and instantly fell in love. I started biathlon with the Foothills Nordic Biathlon Bears program. I continue to train with Foothills Nordic but have since moved up to the T2 Biathlon program. Since my debut in the biathlon world, I have competed in races provincially, nationally and internationally. I am now 15 years old and my passion for the sport of biathlon, as well as anything to do with the outdoors is ever growing.

In early January, I travelled to Whistler, British Colombia along with several members of the Foothills Nordic team to compete at the World Youth Trials. I was overjoyed to be selected for the Canadian World Youth Team. I now have the immense honour of representing Canada in Otepää, Estonia for the 2018 World Youth and Junior Championships. I very much enjoy volunteering as a Bunnies Coach after school. It continuously shows me the incredible and supportive community in the sports of biathlon and cross-country.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who is part of the biathlon family; if it weren’t for all of you I would not be where I am today. Everyone from coaches and volunteers to spectators play very important roles in helping us athletes achieve our goals, so thank you for all that you do. This funding is an extremely helpful opportunity for me to realize my dream of competing overseas against the best in the world.