Biathlon Alberta Casino Volunteers Needed – May 23-24


It is less than 10 days away from the Biathlon Alberta casino and 11 more volunteers are still required!

A huge thank you to everyone who has already volunteered, but BA currently has NO volunteers for the cash office on Wednesday night.  Count room volunteers are also needed – four on Wednesday and one on Thursday.

Casino funds subsidize programs in every area. Did you or a family member attend Nationals? Without casino funding, costs would more than triple for selected athletes.

Did you compete at a Calforex race? Casino funds allow us to purchase and maintain timing equipment and materials which keeps entry fees reasonable.

Coaches and Officials training is also subsidized by casino funds.

Every participant in biathlon in Alberta benefits from the funds earned at casinos.

With over 400 members BA should be able to find 36 people with a few hours to spare who can help to ensure the continued level of services for members of Biathlon Alberta.

Please sign up today!

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