Club Coordinator needed


FNSC is looking to hire a Club Coordinator to help us manage and improve our organization as one of the largest Nordic clubs in Canada. This is a new position in the club that for the right person we envisage developing into a general manager role. 

The Coordinator will work with coaches, directors (and their sub-committees) plus  volunteers to organize our programs, camps and athlete exchanges, using Zone4 as appropriate.  As a contact person for our members, the coordinator will be expected to respond to questions from club members and volunteers about programs, after obtaining appropriate input from coaches and the executive, and over time improve our communications with all club users. The Coordinator will, under supervision of the executive, prepare grant and funding applications for the Club, and manage all aspects of the internal operations of the club, including HR, financial management, equipment inventory, and insurance. The Coordinator will support the executive in its functioning as well as the volunteer committees supporting the executive.  FNSC has led the establishment of Nordic facilities at Confederation Golf Course, but although the Coordinator will be organizing our programs that run there, the position will not be involved in the operations or management of the facility itself.   

The Coordinator will need to work with and develop effective working relationships with the FNSC executive, committee members, coaches, volunteers, athletes and FNSC members.  The Coordinator will need to work with the executive to prioritize and execute medium and longer term capacity building projects in the Club while at the same time ensuring the effective operation of the Club’s programs.

  • The Club Coordinator is responsible for assisting the FNSC Executive Committee and volunteer run programs with organizational support, tracking resources, assets and FNSC commitments.
Key Accountabilities:
  • Communication:
    • Replies to membership and non-membership inquiries in a professional, timely manner.
    • Administers Google Organizational Account filing system.
    • Prepares and disseminates Club emails.
    • Updates and monitors Club communication including social media, forums and website.  
  • Operational/Financial:
    • Provides support to Executive members and Sub-committees as requested.  
    • Tracks and develops Club manuals, insurance, contracts and orders.
    • Prepares, manages and disseminates volunteer sign up information.
    • Books venues and with coaches and volunteers organizes various events throughout the season.
    • Assists Treasurer and bookkeeper in the management of timesheet submissions and payroll.
    • Maintains appropriate and cost effective insurance policies for the Club
    • Maintains reporting for safety incidents for the Club.
    • Assist in preparation of grant and funding applications.
    • Assist in tracking various Club contract and assets.
    • Assists Jack Rabbit Team  (Younger Kids & Rec programs) as needed
  • Zone 4:
    • Develops Zone 4 registrations and/or sign up for memberships, events, camps, races and Club clothing orders.
    • Tracks program participants and membership numbers on an annual basis allowing year over year comparisons.
Key Skills and Aptitudes:
  • Ability and willingness to become fully functional in the use of software programs (ie. Zone4, Excel, Word, WordPress, Google Drive).
  • Independently performs demanding tasks during peak registration times, otherwise approximately 20 hours per week.
  • Solid interpersonal communication skills to facilitate interaction between Club Executive members, coaches, program coordinators and volunteers.
  • The Club Coordinator is a renewable contract position (typically May 1 – April 30) as outlined in an Independent Contractor Agreement.  Remuneration will be commensurate with experience.  The successful applicant will be required to supply their own computer, printer, cell phone and transportation.

Please submit applications by email to, by May 16, 2017. Original email address in posting was incorrect, corrected May 4th. 

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