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Support Children to be Healthy and Active

More than 55% of Foothills Nordic Ski Club over 900 members are between the ages of 4 and 18. Our recreational and competitive programming fosters a friendly, welcoming and supportive atmosphere to help children and youth achieve excellent fitness, healthy lifestyle skills and positive relationships.

Reach an Inclusive, Community-Minded Group of Calgarians

With the help of MANY dedicated volunteers, Foothills runs a variety of weekly cross-country ski and biathlon programs for 900 members of all ages, from 4 year old Bunnies to para athletes to adult Masters.
Our passionate volunteers:

  • are coaches, administrators, event planners, chaperones, cookie bakers…pretty much any job that needs to get done!
  • groom and maintain the Confederation Park Golf Course Ski Trails and raised over $100,000 in 2016 to fund the Confederation Park Golf Course Ski Trails, ensuring the future of cross-country skiing in Calgary.
  • run the Ski-at-School program which brings cross-country skiing to over 1,000 school aged children in Calgary each year.
  • provide coaching and volunteer job opportunities for youth.

Be Part of the Excitement

Reach Calgarians doing what they love – skiing in the beautiful outdoors, feeling healthy and vibrant, and connecting with friends.

Join Us! Connect to your Community through Club Sponsorship

Club sponsorship can be general or specific. With general sponsorship, the club puts funding towards the areas most needed as defined by the board of directors. For specific sponsorship, you define where your funding is spent – coaching, equipment, athlete recognition & support, organizational sustainability etc. Cash or gifts-in-kind are both gratefully accepted.

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    About Foothills Nordic

    Foothills Nordic Ski Club (FNSC) is a not for profit, full service Nordic ski club based in Calgary, Alberta.  Incorporated in 1964, FNSC has a long history of organizing and delivering programs geared towards cross-country skiers and biathletes of all ages and performance levels.  The Club has more than 900 members, ranging from Jackrabbits and Biathlon Bears to High Performance athletes and Masters level recreational skiers.  With an 11-member volunteer Executive, approximately 70 cross-country and biathlon coaches (both paid and volunteer) and over 200 active volunteers, the Club’s initiatives also include the staging of major events and races in Calgary and the Bow Valley.  Foothills is an 8-time Canadian national cross-country aggregate club champion, and is a member of Cross-Country Canada and Cross-Country Alberta.