Confed Ski Playground – call for volunteers to help with Terrain Setup and Maintenance

A dedicated crew of parents, led by lead Confed groomer Jamie Grant, setup the terrain features (rollers, drops and bicycle bumps) ready for the busy Terrain Day.  For the past 5+ years, Jamie has coordinated the building and setting up of terrain features for learning and FUN for the kids. 

Over 50 JR & TA kids, parents and a number of coaches were out for the Terrain Day on Dec 22.   With the Christmas cold front cancelling programs this week, was a good chance for kids to get out to ski and play with friends.

As Jamie passes the torch on the Terrain / Ski Playground area (not to worry, he is still coordinating the dedicated Confed grooming team),  a couple of keen JR parents, Sebastian and Scott will take the Ski Playground lead.   They will be looking for some volunteers next week to help refresh the terrain features, and also a weekly Maintenance crew to do quick rake and refresh for each program day.    Please check the email with volunteer link being sent to Jackrabbit and Track Attack families.  

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