Cross Country Skiing

At Foothills Nordic, we’re passionate about cross-country skiing. We thrive on being active outdoors in winter, we enjoy the challenge of improving our technique and we love the warm friendships we form in the nordic community. Foothills Nordic offers instruction in classic and skate techniques for all ages. Programs are offered in Calgary at Canada Olympic Park, and many programs include weekend sessions at the Canmore Nordic Centre or in the mountain parks.

Program Framework ‘Sport for Life’
Foothills Nordic Ski Club programs are aligned with Sport Canada’s Sport for Life model and are designed to meet the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive developmental needs of participants. Sport for Life emphasizes the importance of sport in children’s development, as well as for the health and well being of all Canadians. Learn more about Sport for Life and how Foothills Nordic programs fit into the model: Sport for Life

Our children’s programs focus on the FUNdamentals of cross-country skiing. Foothills programs offer children a fun way to learn cross-country skiing from some of the best coaches in Canada. Our goal is to instill in children a love of cross-country skiing and winter outdoor activity.

Our youth programs train in Calgary during the week and often venture into the mountains on weekends. Youth Group (T1, T2, and LC) continues to develop overall fitness and ski skills by providing a mix of both recreational and competitive experiences. It’s a transitional program for 12-16 year olds where athletes develop a strong background in ski technique from which they can continue to develop their ski skill/recreational interests and/or more competitive goals. We use the Cross Country Canada (CCC) long term athlete development model (LTAD) as a guide in implementing our training sessions. Teen Ski is a recreational program that builds on the fitness and technique base acquired in T1 and T2 in a fun, easy going environment. LC (Learn to Compete) is a comprehensive, year round training program that allows athletes to meet their competitive or non-competitive sport and fitness goals.

Adults looking for intense and technical year round training can join Masters, a program focused on technique refinement and intense conditioning. This is a perfect program for people looking to take their skiing to the next level. While many Masters chose to race loppets and local races there is no pressure to compete. The program includes an 11-month training plan plus on-line training diaries are used by the athletes and monitored by the coach.
Adults looking for a less intense program focusing more on technique and skill improvement (but still providing a fitness workout) can join Ski Fitness or Foothills Adult Ski Technique (F.A.S.T.). Ski Fitness is ideal for people looking to train during the day while F.A.S.T. runs in the evenings, concurrently with the FNSC youth programs. Ski Fitness combines dry land and on-snow training and F.A.S.T. offers on-snow training with the option of adding fall dry-land training.


  • Track Attack

    As a progression from the Jackrabbit program, Track Attack is a skill development program aimed at improving skate and classic techniques in a fun and social environment. Track Attack will promote teamwork and personal interaction skills.

  • Bunnies

    Bunny sessions are focused on “ski-play” as children learn movement on cross country skis and develop basic motor skills through participation in games and activities and having FUN.

  • Introduction to Track Attack

    Introduction to Track Attack (TA-XC) is a new program aimed at 10-11 year olds who like to be active outdoors and are interested in the sport of cross country skiing, but have less than two years of experience with classic and skate ski technique. The TA program normally runs 7 months from September – March but this introduction program is split into 2 separate sessions to allow participants the opportunity to try the sport.

  • Ski Fitness

    Ski Fitness is an adult program coached by passionate and qualified Masters athletes/instructors. Sessions focus on fitness and improving classic and skate techniques – giving participants the skills and fitness to ski effortlessly!

  • Jackrabbits Learn to Ski

    JRL2Ski program is targeted at kids ages 7-9 who are NEW to skiing (or have done limited nordic skiing).  The program will mainly work at Jackrabbit Level 2 skills (classic), with the goal to have kids ready for JR level 2 or 3 in the next season.  The group will be divided into sub-groups as needed for age and ability.

  • Train to Train 1 (T1)

    As a progression from the Track Attack program, Train to Train 1 is the next stage in Cross Country Canada’s Long Term Development Framework. It is aimed at improving skate and classic techniques in a fun and social environment. Skiers are encouraged to participate in competition and will be able to race many times during the season.

  • Introduction To Train To Train (T1)

    Introduction to Train to Train 1 (T1-XC) is a new program aimed at 12-15 year olds who like to be active outdoors and are interested in the sport of cross country skiing, but have less than two years of experience with classic and skate ski technique.  The T1 program normally runs 11 months but this program is split into 3 separate sessions to allow participants the opportunity to try the sport. Spring/Fall is dryland training. Winter Athletes will focus on skate and classic techniques in a fun and social environment. Fitness, teamwork and personal interaction skills will be emphasized.

  • Teen Ski

    Teen Ski is intended for skiers aged 14+ with prior nordic experience who are interested in skiing for fun, fitness and friendship. *NEW* Participants can register for the Fall Teen Dryland program independent of the On-Snow program.

  • Marmots

    The Marmots program is intended for youth who are interested in skiing for fun, fitness and friendship. Includes group ski sessions to develop and improve on skills attained in the Jackrabbit program. *NEW* Youth ages 9 to 12 registering for cross country ski programs have the option to also register for a Biathlon Bears Winter Session ADD-ON Mondays.

  • Youth Learn2Ski

    Youth Learn2Ski.  Foothills is offering a learn to ski program for youth ages 10 to 14.  The program aims to have kids develop basic nordic ski skills (classic and skate).  This program will run for approximately 12  weeks, starting in early December to early March.

  • Masters X-Country

    Group training sessions for intermediate through advanced skiers experienced in both classic and skate techniques. Participants can adapt training program to one technique. The program will build toward peak speed and endurance for the Cookie Race. *NEW* Intermediate and advanced adult skiers can register for a one week early season volume camp in SilverStar.

  • Adult Learn to Ski

    This is an adult learn-to-ski and ski skill improvement program coached by experienced Masters and high-performance athletes. The focus of the program is on improving your skiing, either as a “learn-to-ski” or more advanced ability.

  • 55+ Women

    Women’s 55+ XC ski class offered by Foothills Nordic Ski Club strives to follow the goals of Physical Literacy in the delivery of the program. The classes are structured to include some instruction and some free skiing time.


Foothills Nordic reserves the right to reconfigure programs based on the numbers and skill levels of the subscribers.  Programs may be limited to a specific number of participants. There may be multiple groups within each level depending on how many athletes sign up for each level.  Within a level, groups will be structured based on ability and skier chemistry.

Sessions missed due to inclement weather will be made up at the coaches’ discretion.

There is no guarantee to the number of nights that the programs will run.  Typically we are able to get 8-10 weeks in during the December-March period.  Sessions are cancelled due to lack of snow, temperatures below -20c, and conflicts with racing schedules.

please email [email protected].


Program costs do not include Club membership fees, or trails passes for Canada Olympic Park or the Canmore Nordic Centre.

  • Please review limitations on programs.
  • Foothills is volunteer-powered; members are regularly asked to contribute in various ways. Volunteering with Foothills is a great way to connect with the nordic community. Get involved!

If you are unsure which program is best suited to you or your child or if you have questions please email our Cross-Country Program Director.