Foothills Awarded the Biathlon Alberta Coaching Grant!

Exciting news that Foothills has recently been awarded the Biathlon Alberta Coaching Grant!

Biathlon Alberta is dedicating these grant funds for the ongoing education and professional development of biathlon coaches in Alberta and to support the hiring of professional, paid coaching staff.

With the new funds, the club has created a part-time permanent Biathlon Bears/Racing Bears Coach position. Thomas Hulsman, an experienced high performance athlete and coach, has been hired for the position and is keen to leverage his training and experience and enhance the Biathlon Bears, Racing Bears and Train to Train programs by developing a greater continuity of progression. He is working on his Competition Development coaching certificate and is well versed in the Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD).  Equally inspiring, is that this new position could impact 70+ athletes moving through the Learn to Train and Train to Train phases of their development.  Congratulations Thomas!

This new role is well suited to an aspiring coach and includes opportunities to both work with and potentially mentor younger coaches, while being mentored himself by Biathlon Head Coach, Tyson Smith.  Thomas will be responsible for the planning and execution of the Biathlon Bears and Racing Bears programs as well as working with the Biathlon Head Coach and Assistant Coach to work with higher levels as necessary.

Beyond coaching and organizing the programming during the year, Thomas will also organize additional recruiting activities, like biathlon demonstrations, “Try Biathlon” events, and “Bring a Friend” nights with the Bears. Foothills has high hopes that with these events, biathlon participation will be on the rise in future years.

Watch for more details about these special biathlon events in future blog posts.

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