Foothills Coaches Enhance Their Skills

Over the past couple of months, Foothills has hosted or sent coaches to NCCP training courses for both cross-country and biathlon.

Tyson Smith ran a Community Coach Silver and Gold course for over 20 biathletes who will be coaching Biathlon Bears or Racing Bears.

On the cross-country side, facilitators Michelle Deacon and Kevin Baggott ran Introduction to Community Coach (part 1) and Community Coach (part 2) courses for another 24 Foothills coaches.   In addition, three Foothills coaches attended the first Competition Introduction L2T dryland course in Bragg Creek.

Foothills has over 80 active coaches with various levels of coach training and experience ready to coach from our youngest Bunnies to LC and Masters racers.

Big THANKS to the Foothills coaches who took time to train and prepare for coaching!!!

Foothills Nordic would like to recognize the following organizations for supporting our coach training:

Investors Group for a $500 Grant for the Community Coach course.

Alberta World Cup Society for grants to cover registration costs for two coaches who attended the Competition Introduction L2T course in Bragg Creek.

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