Four Foothills Nordic Athletes Meet CCC’s International Performance Benchmarks

Four Foothills Nordic Athletes met or were within one point of CCC’s distance and/or sprint International Performance Benchmarks (IPB) for their age in the 2017-2018 ski season.  Congratulations to Nicole Gammie, Xavier McKeever, Anna Pryce and Tom Stephen!

The hard work and racing experience of these athletes this season indicates that they are currently on or nearing CCC’s Podium Pathway.  CCC believes that with continued dedication to training and skill development, these four athletes have demonstrated the ability to excel at future international events.

Here are their results.  You can view the full list of Canadian athletes by visiting the CCC website.

Category Athlete DOB Points IPB +/-
Male Distance Tom Stephen 2002 86.04 84.0 2.04
Male Distance Xavier McKeever 2003 84.04 84.0 0.04
Female Distance Anna Pryce 2001 81.69 81.0 0.69
Female Distance Nicole Gammie 2001 80.94 81.0 (0.06)
Female Sprint Anna Pryce 2001 83.56 83.5 0.06
Female Sprint Nicole Gammie 2001 82.68 83.5 (0.82)

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