“20 / 20” Bragg Creek XC Ski Grooming Fundraiser

Help raise $20,000 by the 20th of December 2016!

The Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association (GBTCA) has a unique opportunity to leverage funds raised in the next month towards a second Kei-truck for grooming. They are very hopeful of being successful with a current grant application, the terms of which require that they match the value of the grant with funds from other sources. Effectively, any donations in the next month will count double!!!! What a great way to maximise your support of West Bragg Creek XC ski trails grooming!!

With the trail improvements, extensions, and completely new trails added over the last 3 years, West Bragg Creek now has 60 km+ of fabulous cross country ski trails. Keeping up with the demands this brings and striving to provide you with the best possible experience can sometimes be challenging – a second Kei-truck will vastly improve their ability to provide great XC trails, no matter what Mother Nature and Lady Luck throws at us!!

Please support our volunteer friends at the GBCTA and the fantastic cross country ski trails they maintain.

You can donate online here:


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