Message from the Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster is heading home
Where Pukekos, Keas and the wilder people roam

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bake
All those delicious cookies you love to make

The Cookie Race is looming soon
Time to get out sugar, flour and mixing spoon

Make your very best treats to share
Two dozen from each of you is pretty fair

Come and join the race day fun
Bundle up warm, play, ski and run

I love to see your smiles so warm and wide
The spirit of Foothills Nordic you cannot hide.

Attention Foothills! The Cookie Monster needs you to bake a couple dozen cookies for the Cookie Race, which will happen on February 25, 2023. Even if you’re new to the club, even if you don’t plan to attend the race, whether you’re in Jackrabbits or biathlon or XC or masters, every family bakes cookies. You have two months to prepare!

Race registration is now open at, and the volunteer sign-up sheet is live. And check out the swag! We’re offering toques, headbands, shirts, and prints based on the artwork of our very own Jenia Tishkina-Norman.

Thanks and happy skiing,

Cookie Race Organizing Committee

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