Biathlon Programs

Biathlon combines rifle marksmanship and cross-country skiing. Originally used as a form of hunting in Scandinavia, it has evolved into an exciting, high-paced winter sport. Biathlon challenges participants with a diverse range of skills that no other sport requires – the endurance, speed, strength and coordination needed for cross-country skiing and the concentration, focus, and split-second timing needed for fast and accurate target shooting. Programs are offered in a variety of locations in Calgary and the surrounding region.


Foothills Nordic Ski Club programs are aligned with Sport Canada’s Sport for Life model and are designed to meet the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive developmental needs of participants. Sport for Life emphasizes the importance of sport in children’s development, as well as for the health and well being of all Canadians.

The key feature of Sport for Life is the Long Term Athlete Development model. The LTAD is an 8 stage-model based on the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development of children and adolescents. Each stage reflects a different point in athlete development.

All Foothills programming as well as competitive events are aligned with the LTAD model. This means you can be assured that Foothills programs are carefully matched to the participants’ physical, mental and emotional stage of development.

Another resource with more information is the Foothills 2020 Biathlon Handbook

Ages 7-12

  • Biathlon Bears

    The Biathlon Bears program teaches the basic skills of biathlon in a safe and fun environment. The overall aim is to build confidence with skiing and shooting skills and provide a fun introduction to fitness-for-life.

  • Racing Bears

    Racing Bears is for athletes ages 11 to 12 who are ready to take on a greater commitment level or who are enthusiastic about adding shooting to cross country skiing.

  • Girls with Guns

    GIRLS WITH GUNS (ages 7-12)
    This introductory program for girls is coached by female biathletes. The Girls with Guns program is similar to the Biathlon Bears in that it teaches the basic skills of biathlon while promoting safety and incorporating fun and play. The Girls meet two nights a week for dry land training during the snow season.

Ages 12-19


  • Masters Biathlon

    Masters Biathlon is for beginners and seasoned skiers who would like to learn about biathlon and/or compete in the Sport Men/Women or Masters Men/Women categories. Program participants may be split by experience and interest during training sessions. *NEW* Intermediate and advanced adult skiers can register for a one week early season volume camp in SilverStar.


Foothills Nordic reserves the right to reconfigure programs based on the numbers and skill levels of the subscribers.  Programs may be limited to a specific number of participants. There may be multiple groups within each level depending on how many athletes sign up for each level.  Within a level, groups will be structured based on ability and skier chemistry.

Sessions missed due to inclement weather will be made up at the coaches’ discretion.

There is no guarantee to the number of nights that the programs will run.  Typically we are able to get 8-10 weeks in during the December-March period.  Sessions may be canceled due to lack of snow, temperatures below -20c, and conflicts with racing schedules.


  • Program costs do not include Club membership fees, Confederation Trail Fees, or the Canmore Nordic Centre.
  • Foothills is volunteer-powered; members are regularly asked to contribute in various ways. Volunteering with Foothills is a great way to connect with the Nordic community. Get involved!  If you are unsure which program is best suited to you or if you have questions, please email our Club Coach.

If you are unsure which program is best suited to you or if you have questions, please email our Club Coach.