• *NEW* Fall Session (Dryland): Registration is now closed.
  • Winter Session (On-Snow): Registration is now closed.

8 to 10 years (Year of birth: 2008 – 2010)

Prerequisite: Jackrabbit Level 3 or Level 2 WITH coach’s recommendation.

Season (On-Snow)
  • Fall Session (Dryland): Mid-September through November
  • Winter Session (On-Snow): December through February/early March

Note: Kids planning on registering for JR-Plus are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the JR Dryland program.

Program Times
  • Fall Session (Dryland):
    • Thursdays – 6:30 – 8:00 pm
    • Weekend activities TBD (October day event/ Lake Louise Early Snow Camp, November 16-18)
  • Winter Session (On-Snow):
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays – 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm OR
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays – 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Fall Session (Dryland): Canmore Park, Confederation Park at Rosemont Community Centre, possible indoor activities, other locations may be included for November activities
  • Winter Session (On-Snow):  Confederation Park Golf Course.  Other locations may be used for extra and weekend activities (Terrain Park nights, Family ski days – West Bragg Creek trails, Canmore and other mountain locations)
  • Fall Session (Dryland) fee:  $90
  • Winter Session (On-Snow) fee:  $390
  • Foothills Nordic membership (during registration)
  • Confederation Trail User Fees (during registration)
Program Description

Fall Session (Dryland): The objective of the JR Dryland Program is to develop FUNdamental Sport and Movement skills (Sport for Life LTAD), as well as social and group bonding for older Jackrabbits.  Activites will include running, biking, movement skill work, and games that promote fitness and FUN.  In November, there may be options to do additional indoor activites when weather makes outdoor training challenging.  (Some additional costs may apply, e.g. climbing gym.)

Weekend activities will include one or two weekend day activities (hike or bike) to be scheduled at the start of the program.  Participants will also have the option to register and participate in the Lake Louise Early Snow Camp, November 16-18.

Winter Session (On-Snow): Jackrabbits Plus is for children interested in skiing more than once per week. This program prepares the athlete for the Track Attack program (ages 10-12). The program follows Cross Country Canada’s (and Sport for Life’s) FUNdamental (ages 8-10) development stage – focus on Sport Physical Literacy (FUNdamental Movement and Sport Skills).

Activities include all Jackrabbit activities (Terrain FUN Nights and Family Ski Days) and other possible weekend activities. Participation in low-key regional events (Built for Speed regional races and local loppets) is encouraged as an overall skill development opportunity. In this video on Youtube one of the JR+ coaches describes the program.

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions for more information: Bunny and Jackrabbit Program FAQ

Equipment and Clothing

Participants must have appropriate ski equipment and winter clothing. Children in the JR-Plus program should have waxable classic skis, and skate skis (or combi skis that can be stripped of grip wax for skate skiing). Combi boots are STRONGLY recommended to ensure proper stability for skate skiing, if both skate and classic boots are not owned. Appropriate length classic and skate poles are also recommended. Please see the equipment and clothing information on the forum for details.


Foothills Nordic is able to run high quality programs for reasonable cost, due to the volunteer support of our families. ALL Jackrabbit parents parents will be required to signup to assist with minimum two (2) program activities / three (3) for families with 2 or more children in program (weeknight coach support for Bunnies/Group Monitoring for Jackrabbits, parking or snow grooming support). We also require volunteer support for weekend events – Terrain Nights, Family Ski Days, Cookie Race). A full signup list with details on volunteer jobs, will be available and communicated before the first on-snow sessions.

We also welcome keen parents with strong basic ski skills to become coaches, as well as session managers – please note on your registration or contact the Jackrabbit Coach Coordinator.

We encourage families of all economic levels participate in this awesome winter sport. If you have constraints for program or equipment costs, Foothills Nordic encourages families to seek support through KIDSPORT, a local program to help lower-income families with program costs for sport and activities.

More Information

If you have any questions please e-mail Foothills Nordic.