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February 26, 2022

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Alberta


Date: February 26, 2022

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Alberta

The Kananaskis Ski Marathon is a cross-country ski loppet open to the public, taking place at the beautiful Peter Lougheed Provincial Park trail system, 90 minutes west of Calgary. Competitors enjoy great snow conditions, fabulous scenery, home-made cookies at aid stations, hot soup and buns at the finish line.

You can purchase Cookie Race swag again this year!  We are using the beautiful artwork by our talented club member, Jenia Tishkina-Norman, on more than just our poster. Her artwork will be tastefully transferred onto toques, headband, performance t-shirts (long- and short-sleeve) and print.  Details available Here

Racers and non-racers can purchase Cookie Race Swag on the registration form.


Course Details

Note: An up to date Race Notice will be posted on the website in late November.

Classic technique only.  Distances include 42 km, 24km, 15km, 5km, 3km, 2km, 1km, 0.5km.

42 KM Race starts at Pocaterra Hut at 10am sharp and follows a figure-8 course with over 500m of elevation gain, to finish at Pocaterra Hut.  It passes four feed stations at 9km, 13km, 23km and 32 km.  See the course map on the Race Notice.

24 KM Race and Tour start a few minutes after 10am at Pocaterra Hut and follow a loop with about 200m of elevation gain, to finish at Pocaterra Hut. The 24km course passes two feed stations at 9km and 13km. See the course map on the Race Notice.

15 KM Race and Tour start a few minutes after 10am at Pocaterra Hut, following a fairly flat course and passing a feed station at 9km, to end at Pocaterra Hut. See the course map on the Race Notice.

5 KM Race starts and finishes at Pocaterra Hut, starting at 10:30am. Participants require snowplowing skills as the course features some steep sections. See the course map on the Race Notice.

3 KM Race starts and finishes at Pocaterra Hut, starting at 10:35am. See the course map on the Race Notice.

Age Categories

The Cookie Race is open to classic cross-country skiers ages 5 years old and up.

Birth Year Race Options Tour Options
(awards for top 3) (no awards)
2014-2015 0.5km -
2012-2013 1km -
2010-2011 2km -
2008-2009 3km -
2006-2007 5km -
2003-2005 15km -
1990-2002 24km or 42km 15km or 24km
1980-1989 24km or 42km 15km or 24km
1970-1979 24km or 42km 15km or 24km
1960-1969 24km or 42km 15km or 24km
1950-1959 24km or 42km 15km or 24km
1900-1949 24km or 42km 15km or 24km

Skiers should self-seed at the start line. Faster skiers should move to the front to avoid congestion as the trail narrows.


* Inclement weather or unsafe conditions may necessitate schedule/route changes.

Category Start Time Feeding Stations Start/Finish
42km Race 10:00 9km, 13km, 23km, 32km, Pocaterra Hut Pocaterra Hut
24km Race 10:10 9km, 13km, Pocaterra Hut
24km Tour 10:15
15km Race 10:25 9km, Pocaterra Hut
15km Tour 10:25
5km Race 10:30 Pocaterra Hut
3km Race 10:35
2km Race 11:00 Pocaterra Hut Across Highway

from Pocaterra Hut

1km Race 11:30
0.5km Race 11:30

Bib pickup: 8:00 – 10:30 on the morning of the race at Pocaterra Hut.

Feed stations at Elkwood, Boulton, and Elk Pass provide water, Gatorade, oranges, and cookies. The soup tent at Pocaterra Hut provides all that and hot soup too. Please bring your own bowl and spoon to minimize waste!

If you choose to discontinue racing, you MUST hand over your bib to a race official at Boulton or the finish line before leaving the area. We will provide a shuttle service from Boulton to the finish line at Pocaterra.

Cut-Off Times

  • 12:00 cut-off for skiers leaving Boulton station (13km) on the outbound leg of 24km & 42km races
  • 13:30 cut-off for skiers leaving Boulton station (32km) on the finish leg of 42km race

Skiers arriving at Boulton after the cut-off times must discontinue racing and turn in their bibs. They can continue skiing or take a shuttle back to Pocaterra Hut. If we must adjust cut-off times for safety reasons, we will make every effort to notify skiers of the change.


Entries will only be accepted on-line through the Zone4 website. Click on the Register button below to register. Registration opens on December 14, 2019 and closes on February 26, 2020 at 23:59 MST.

Registration Fees
Race Distance On or before Feb 5, 2020 After Feb 5, 2020
0.5km, 1km, 2km, 3km, 5km $ 20 $ 22
15km $ 40 $ 55
24km $ 75 $ 95
42km $ 85 $ 105

 * These fees include a $2/person fee to Cross Country Alberta and a $1/person fee to Alberta Parks.

Important Dates: Registration opens 01/15/2022 and closes 02/21/2022



For current information about the weather conditions in Kananaskis, go  HERE.  Note that this forecast is for Nakiska Ridgetop and the weather in Peter Lougheed may differ.  Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.  This is the mountains afterall!

All ski trails are open to the public while the race is in progress.  Be cautious and courteous!  Dogs are not allowed on the ski trails.



Volunteers are heros! It takes over 120 volunteers to make the Cookie Race happen, not including the army of cookie bakers. We need people to help Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Many people volunteer for more than one job, and many racers volunteer to help before or after the race!  Details below.


Controller Team:  Controllers take position at key points on the course to track skiers’ progress and ensure no one goes missing. This is job requires skis, warm boots, warm clothes, a hardy soul, and a thermos of hot chocolate. Additional Information for Course Controller positions

Race Office Team: Check in volunteers, hand out bibs and transponders before the race, or help load the race office materials back into the trucks after the race.

Course Team: Pre-ski the course on Friday placing flags and signs, or sweep the course behind the racers Saturday afternoon, picking up flags and signs as you go. You must be fit enough to ski the course quickly while carrying equipment in a backpack!

Stadium Team: Help set up tents and fencing on Friday, put the final touches on the stadium Saturday morning, then tear it all down and load it up Saturday afternoon. Stadium marshals guide racers and spectators into their respective areas from the parking lot. Many of these positions are perfect for racers because they happen before or after the race!

Timing Team: Write down finish times as backup for the electronic timing system, collect transponders at the finish line, and hand out candy bags to finishers – they will love you for it!

Refreshments Team: Volunteer either in the soup and cookie tents, where happy and grateful skiers and volunteers congregate, or at one of the three feed stations out on the course. The soup tents are warm and cozy, and the feed stations are definitely a focal point of fun on the race course.

Jackrabbit Team: Help run the 5km, 3km, 2km, 1km, and 0.5km races for the kids. These are some of the most fun jobs!

Transportation Team: Help load gear from the storage locker in Calgary onto the trucks (Thursday), pull a trailer to Pocaterra Hut, help unload and set up (Friday), reload at the end of the race and then unload again in Calgary (Saturday evening). Perfect for racers because it doesn’t interfere with the race!

Volunteer Sign Up Details

The sign-up sheet shows remaining unfilled jobs and exact time requirements.  Please consider volunteering.  Thanks!


A BIG THANK YOU goes out to our Sponsors and Supporters.

For a 20% discount at Lodges Kananaskis

In order to claim this discounted rate, you need to call in directly to the respective property’s reservation line with the following code: NASA

The reservations lines are listed below:

Mount Kidd Manor


Crosswaters Resort (formerly John Palliser Building)


Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge, Autograph Collection by Marriott



About Us


Organizing Committee

Chief of Competition                       Tom Lambert

Chief of Cookies/Refreshments    Rosie Hickey

Jackrabbit Chief                               Paul Repp

Chief of Stadium                              Scott Taylor

Chief of Course                                Scott Jensen

Chief of Controllers                        Steve Layden

Chief of Timing                                Heather Spicer

Chief of Race Office                        Ann Lohka

Race Administrator                        Cynthia Mate


Technical Delegate                         Cross Country Alberta

Duty Conservation Officer           Kananaskis Country



The Kananaskis Ski Marathon, a.k.a. the Cookie Race, is the Foothills Nordic Ski Club's flagship event.  It is the second oldest Nordic event (after the Lake Louise Loppet) and the second largest loppet (after the Canadian Birkebeiner) in Alberta.

Don Gardner, who designed the X-C trail system in Peter Lougheed, and the late Ruedi Setz, then Race Director of FNSC, organized the first Kananaskis Ski Marathon in March of 1978, with 67 participants and one 45 km distance – track-set by Don and Ruedi on skis, not snowmobiles!

The race has grown to 500 participants annually (the maximum number of racers allowed by Alberta Parks). Over the years, a 24km event, a 15km event, and Jackrabbits (youth) races of 0.5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 km have been added. Over 120 volunteers are required to host the Cookie Race.


Jackrabbits get a candy prize at the finish line. We will present awards for Jackrabbits at 13:00 on the podium beside Pocaterra Hut. Awards for all other race categories start at 14:00. In each race category we present awards to the top three female and male finishers. Skiers in the 15km Tour and the 24km Tour receive admiration, but no awards.

Contact Race Coordinator

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