Recruiting Nordic Skiing Volunteers

Message from Nancy Ouimet, Executive Director, Friends of Kananaskis

Hello Nordic Ski Enthusiasts!

On behalf of the Friends of Kananaskis Country, Canmore Trail Alliance, and the Canmore Nordic Centre we would like to invite you to take part in the Canmore Nordic Centre – Ski Trail Bushing project.

We have developed an off-season winter ski trail maintenance plan to improve the centre’s ski trails. We will be brushing back ~2 metres of vegetation from the edge of the ski trails to maximize the trail width in winter months when the trail-side trees and shrubs get loaded with snow and encroach into the skiable area.


The level of effort for this project is easy to moderate. We’ll be walking several kilometres, pruning and clipping of vegetation, and removing cuttings from the ski trails


Saturday July 18, Aug 1-15-29


To sign up, you will need to create a volunteer profile HERE. Specific details about each trail care date, what to bring, meeting location, etc. will be communicated in a reminder email to all volunteers who have signed up.  

We hope to see lots of Nordic skiers out!

Cheers, Nancy

Nancy Ouimet, Executive Director, Friends of Kananaskis Country, 403-678-5593 | cell: 403-609-9897

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