Registration Opens June 19th for Remaining Programs

Registration opens on June 19th at 7am for ALL remaining Foothills Nordic programs.

  • Biathlon Bears
  • Racing Bears
  • Masters Biathlon
  • Bunnies
  • Jackrabbits (all levels)
  • Track Attack
  • Marmots
  • Teen Ski
  • Dryland for JR, Marmots and Teens
  • Adult Learn to Ski
  • Women 55+
  • Ski Fitness
  • Masters XC

What’s new? 

  • Biathlon Bears Monday Evening Add-On for 9 to 12 year olds who are registered in a cross country program (JR 3, 4 or Plus, JR Learn2Ski, Marmots) and want to do one biathlon class per week.
  • Adult Learn to Ski replaces Foothills Adult Ski Technique for the same target audience.  This year, Saturday sessions are offered in addition to Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Masters XC replaces Foothills Adult Training Group with the same coaches and target audience, but meets three times per week instead of two.  A volume camp is also offered this year and is open to all intermediate and advanced skiers, not just Masters program members.
  • Masters Biathlon has the same coaches and target audience but this year, trains three times per week.  When Masters biathletes aren’t shooting, they are training with the Masters XC athletes.
  • Go to for complete details.

Note: JR Plus remains JR Plus.  After careful consideration, we decided to keep the name JR Plus instead of replacing it with JR 3 and JR 4.

The best way to register is to go to your preferred program page on the Foothills Nordic website and read about the program’s details like session timing, location and cost.  Then click on the JOIN button on the top right-hand corner of the program page.

Foothills Nordic is looking forward to another great season of skiing with you and your family.

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