Ski Safe Everyday; Especially Tuesdays (at Confederation)!

We are thrilled with the unprecedented number of members and new members who are participating in club programming this year. As such you may have noticed that traffic at Confederation Park is at an exceptionally high level this year, especially on Tuesday nights. We want to make sure that everyone who chooses to ski on Tuesday evenings has a fun and safe time out on the golf course. If you are choosing to ski on Tuesday nights we strongly recommend wearing a headlamp and to be on the lookout for little skiers who might otherwise not be paying attention to where they are going. As much as our coaches have been diligent about ensuring our skiers practice good skier etiquette, we all know that some of our skiers do not always listen when given this type of instruction, and are caught up in the fun and adventure of skiing with their buddies in the dark.
We continue to encourage all of our members to get out and ski at Confederation Park.  Tuesdays are our most congested night at Confederation Park.  If you are looking for a less busy skiing experience, consider skiing on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, when skier and car traffic is less congested than on Tuesdays.
Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in our club. We are so fortunate to be able to continue offering programming and opportunities to ski throughout pandemic restrictions and we are thrilled to see so many people out on skis!

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