The Grinch Who Loved Cookies

Every Foo in the Foo Club loved skiing a lot,
But the Grinch, who had not asked to be in the Foo Club, did not.
The Grinch hated skiing – both classic and skate!
All winter he wished he could move to Kuwait.

It could be, perhaps, that his boots were too tight.
Or his poles were too long, or he got some frostbite.
It might stem from memories of a bad blister,
Or PTSD from his battles with klister.
But I think that the reason he disliked snowy tracks,
Was the races he entered didn’t have enough snacks!

But whatever the reason, his boots or his tummy,
His attitude all winter long was just crummy.
He grumbled about skiing on weekends and nights,
He even disliked the Confed Christmas lights.
And when mom signed him up for a super long race,
He wanted to blast the whole club into space!

When race day arrived, he got up way too early.
He slunk to the start line all sulky and surly.
As he wished he was back in his bed in the city,
He looked up and thought, these mountains are kinda pretty.

The start gun went bang, the racers embarked,
And suddenly something inside of him sparked.
His muscles felt strong, all his training kicked in.
He passed all his pals, while he stifled a grin.

As he cruised to the finish, he had to admit,
“It’s a little bit fun – but only a bit!
I still disagree with this whole undertaking.
But wait just a second – do I smell fresh baking??”

As the Grinch reached the finish, feeling quite dandy,
They hung ‘round his neck a big bag full of candy!
And then lickety split, they brought him umpteen,
Of more types of cookies than he’d ever seen!

He ate shortbread, biscotti, and gingerbread men,
He scarfed chocolate chip cookies – like seven or ten!
Hot chocolate and soup, he couldn’t eat one more bite.
So he started a boys-against-girls snowball fight.

His fondness for skiing now fully restored,
He climbed the snow podium and received his award.
“I guess this ski stuff,” he said, “isn’t so bad.”
He even said thanks to his mom and his dad!

After having such fun, and eating so much good grub,
The Grinch grew up to be president of the club.

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