Our club depends on volunteers. We employ some paid staff, but our volunteers make the club as fun and energetic as it is. If you can bake cookies, shovel snow, plan a meal, drive a snowmobile, point and say “Go that way!”, or stand at the finish line handing out candy, then you can do your part.

There are many types of volunteer jobs. Some of the opportunities to volunteer include:

  • Supporting coaches during training sessions and races
  • Coaching kids or adults
  • Helping organize races and training camps
  • Baking cookies for our famous Cookie Race
  • Planning parties and other social events
  • Working a casino (we have one every 18 months)
  • Serving on the executive board

Volunteering with Foothills is fun. It helps you build friendships with club members young and old, it puts you right in the middle of the excitement of races, and it lets you learn about and support the great sports of cross-country skiing and biathlon. Volunteering helps young people build their resumes, learn teamwork, and feel a sense of achievement. For parents, volunteering offers a chance to get to know their kids’ teammates and coaches, and to participate in – and demonstrate their commitment to – their kids’ activities.

Please take a moment to look through our volunteer opportunities. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Corporate Community Investment

If your employer has a Community Investment Program, they may donate money to a non-profit organization like Foothills when you volunteer your time for that organization. Ask your HR department if you qualify!

Volunteer Expectations

In 2019, the Board voted to implement a minimum volunteer requirement for many of our programs to encourage all members to become active in the operation and success of our club. The requirement is based on a time commitment and administered using a volunteer bond. Members who are unable to contribute their time by volunteering will have to pay the bond at the end of the season. The credit card on file from these members’ registrations will be charged if their volunteer requirement is not fulfilled.

Volunteer Time Commitment and Bond Value

The club would not run without volunteers.  Due to COVID-19, the Volunteer Bond is canceled because of limited opportunities to volunteer.  Foothills still needs Volunteers so please consider donating your time if you can.   The following table outlines the minimum number of hours required to volunteer for the earmarked programs and the corresponding volunteer bonds if that time is not contributed.

Program Volunteer Time Required Volunteer Bond
Bunnies and Adults programs Varies/Determined by the Program $0
Jackrabbits, Marmots, Teen Ski, Biathlon Bears 5 hours $100
Track Attack/Racing Bears 12 hours $200
Cross Country  T1 18 hours $300
Biathlon T1 24 hours $300
Cross Country  T2, LC, ULLR 24  hours $400
Biathlon T2 and LC 30 hours $400
Cookie Baking – All Families +2 hours Required for the Poetic Cookie Monster

Families who have more than one child in FNSC programs will be expected to contribute volunteer hours based on their child’s program with the highest volunteer time required.  For example, the Faulkner family has three children in FNSC programs – Larissa is in JR 3, Byron is in TA and Brian is in Biathlon T1.  The Faulkner family will be expected to contribute 24 hours of volunteer time based on the Biathlon T1 commitment required. If they only contribute 12 hours, they will still be charged the full bond of $300 at the end of the season.

Tracking Volunteer Time

Volunteer tracking will be accumulated on Volunteer Sign Up Sheets.   Foothills Club Volunteer Opportunities and Confederation Operations Volunteer Opportunities.  It will be each member’s own responsibility to report their time and ensure they fulfill their volunteer requirement.


Foothills Nordic thanks you for volunteering! We couldn’t offer the excellent programming we have without volunteers!


If you have any questions, please email [email protected]