Club Leadership

Our coaches are our most visible and important leaders, while the Executive Committee works behind the scenes to ensure the Club’s smooth operation. Foothills Nordic is a renowned Nordic ski club, respected around the world. If you are interested in helping keep the tradition strong please contact us.

The Executive Committee of the Club shall act as its board of directors. Subject to the by-laws and directions given to it by the majority, the Executive Committee shall vote at any meeting properly called and constituted, have full control and management of the business and affairs of the Club. Its meetings shall be held as often as the business of the Club shall require.

Executive Committee 2022-23

  • President (Yves Masten)
    • Oversees the running of the Club and acts as an advocate on behalf of the Club’s interests in the community.  (From By-Laws: The President shall be the ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the Club and the Executive Committee, and represent the  Club in all matters of external administration. The President shall automatically assume the position of Past President at the end of his term of office.)
  • Vice-President (Stephen Moses)
    • Supports the President and the Executive Committee and becomes familiar with the Club, its operations and history. (From By-Laws: The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence and shall direct such Club activities as may be assigned to them, from time to time, by the Executive Committee. The Vice President’s name may be submitted for nomination as President, whenever the current President’s term of office expires.)
  • Treasurer (Trevor Baine)
    • Oversees the Club’s budget and finances and supervises the Club’s bookkeeper. Maintains the Club’s standing with Corporate Registries and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. (From By-Laws: The Treasurer shall receive all moneys paid to the Club and shall be responsible for the deposit of same in whatever bank the Executive Committee may order. The Treasurer shall present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the Executive Committee whenever requested, and shall prepare for submission to the membership a statement of the financial position of the Club each year, and submit a copy of same to the Secretary for the records of the Club.)
  • Secretary (Teresa Winn)
    • Takes minutes at Executive Committee meetings and the AGM and maintains the Club’s records. (From By-Laws: The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Club and of the Executive Committee and keep accurate minutes of same. The Secretary shall be in charge of all Club correspondence and keep a record of all Club documents.)
  • Communications Director (Sarah Schumacher)
    • Facilitates communication within the Club by supervising the Forum, website and newsletter. Supervises the Club’s webmaster. Also responsible for overseeing the Club’s marketing and promotion. (From By-Laws: The Communications Director shall appoint and chair a committee responsible for all Internet, newsletter and external communication.)
  • Cross Country Director (Marisa Tosi)
    • Oversees the development and implementation of the Club’s cross-country programs and supervises the cross-country head coach as well as supporting coaches. (From By-Laws: The Cross-Country Director shall appoint and chair a committee responsible for cross-country skiing instruction and competitive cross-country skiing.)
  • Biathlon Director (Greg Klafki)
    • Oversees the development and implementation of the Club’s biathlon programs and supervises the biathlon head coach as well as supporting coaches. (From By-Laws: The Biathlon Director shall appoint and chair a committee responsible for biathlon instruction and competitive biathlon.)
  • Funding Director (Bonnie Presser)
    • The Funding Director shall appoint and chair a committee responsible for assisting with club fund raising including: obtaining sponsorships, grants, casinos, and donations or similar, sufficient for the effective and sustainable operation of the club.
  • Volunteer Director (Diane Lassia )
    • The Volunteer Director shall appoint and chair a committee responsible for determining the club strategy to attract, develop, train and retain sufficient volunteers to enable ongoing club operations.
  • Events Director (Carly Frank)
    • Develops and implements a calendar of fun social events for members that supports the Club’s needs. Primarily directing the organization of the Christmas Party, Year End Party and Annual General Meeting. (From By-Laws: The Events Director shall appoint and chair a committee responsible for all Club sponsored training events, social events and official development.)
  • Past President (Vacant)
    • The Past President shall assist the President and serve as advisor to the Executive Committee. The Past President shall appoint and chair the nominating committee for the succeeding executive.
  • Members at Large (Board appointed)
    • Cross Country – Vacant
    • Biathlon – Dan McCleary
    • Competition – Vacant
  • Jack Rabbit Coordinators
    • Kevin Baggott
  • Alberta World Cup Society representatives (Board appointed)
    • Vacant
    • Ann Lohka