New Skiers

Foothills Entry-Level XC Programs

With the increased interest in cross-country skiing, and Foothills ski programs for Kids and Youth, we have found added programs for those who are “BRAND NEW” to skiing.   FUNdamental Skills will be taught at an age-appropriate level starting with basic Movement on Skis.   Coaches follow similar Skill Progression as in the JR Skill Matrix – click HERE for details 

If you child has NO ski experience – even if they are reasonably athletic – please follow the noted Entry-Level Program stream, based on age (as of Dec. 31st).   Our coaching provides a supporting environment such that participants can feel success with their improvements, at any rate.   Within one to two years in the “entry-level” stream kids are up to the main stream.  

Details of each entry-level programs can be found under Program Descriptions links.  For information on Bunny (ages 4 / 5 yrs) or JR Level 1 (ages 6 / 7 yrs) see under the regular stream Programs. If any questions on where you child should be placed, please contact the [email protected]

  • Bunnies
    Bunny sessions are focused on “ski-play” as children learn movement on cross country skis and develop basic motor skills through participation in games and activities and having FUN.
  • Jackrabbits Learn to Ski

    JRL2Ski program is targeted at kids ages 7-9 who are NEW to skiing (or have done limited nordic skiing).  The program will mainly work at Jackrabbit Level 2 skills (classic), with the goal to have kids ready for JR level 2 or 3 in the next season.  The group will be divided into sub-groups as needed for age and ability.

  • Introduction To Train To Train (T1)

    Introduction to Train to Train 1 (T1-XC) is a new program aimed at 12-15 year olds who like to be active outdoors and are interested in the sport of cross country skiing, but have less than two years of experience with classic and skate ski technique.  The T1 program normally runs 11 months but this program is split into 3 separate sessions to allow participants the opportunity to try the sport. Spring/Fall is dryland training. Winter Athletes will focus on skate and classic techniques in a fun and social environment. Fitness, teamwork and personal interaction skills will be emphasized.

  • Adult Learn to Ski

    This is an adult learn-to-ski and ski skill improvement program coached by experienced Masters and high-performance athletes. The focus of the program is on improving your skiing, either as a “learn-to-ski” or more advanced ability.