The Foothills Family

It’s all about teamwork

The Foothills Family is made up of dedicated group of individuals and coaches whose only aim is to deliver high quality nordic ski programs and events for club members, youth, and the ski community.

Great Coaching Staff!

Foothills Nordic is home to a highly qualified coaching staff consisting of 3 full-time, professional coaches as well as 65 part-time coaches and volunteer parent leaders. No matter what your goals are our coaches will help you get there.

Enthusiatic Volunteers

Foothills Nordic depends on volunteers. Our volunteers make the club as fun and energetic as it is. If you can bake cookies, shovel snow, plan a meal, drive a snowmobile, point and say “Go that way!”, or stand at the finish line handing out candy, then you can do your part.

Dedicated Executive Committee

The executive committee works behind the scenes to ensure the Club’s smooth operation, our coaches are our most visible and important leaders.  Foothills is a renowned Nordic ski club, respected around the world.