… coaching staff is excellent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic …



My daughters (now 9 and 11) have been skiing with Foothills Nordic for the past 6 years, moving up from bunny rabbits into Jackrabbits Plus and Track Attack. The programs offered to the children (and families) are well organized and executed. The coaching staff is excellent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, making learning to Nordic ski fun and interesting. There are opportunities to participate in the club for the purpose of improving the child’s skill level and also to compete in local, provincial and national Nordic events. We have participated in several competitions and at these events, there is a lot of club support. The volunteers who make the club and the programs a success are fantastic. As well, we have been fortunate to meet a number of great Nordic ski families. Our family has had nothing but a terrific experience with Foothills Nordic and our children will continue to ski with this club as long as they pursue Nordic skiing.

… life changing for our family …


Parent, Skiier

[Foothills Nordic] is an amazing club and I learn that a little more deeply every time my kids look up to their coaches and succeed in their dreams BECAUSE of their coaches. It has been life changing for our family. I believe deeply in the values of [Foothills] and am indebted to them for the well being of my children.

… totally inspiring and fun …



My son Karl has been in JR and now JR+, completing his second year with FNSC. Although I have never been a ski racer, I did sign up for the 15km “touring” category in the Cookie Race so that ski racing would be a family event. Karl was registered to race in the 3km distance, and the rest of our family provided support. My most vivid memory was being passed by Brian Keever and his guide going full-tilt (double poling) just about 300m before the finish line. I thought I was giving it my all after my 15km but they were flying, after completing 42km. Totally inspiring and fun (the crowd was still cheering when I crossed the finish line too!) Love the FNSC and look forward to more involvement as our younger children get into the sport as well!

… life changing for our family …


Parent, Coach, Volunteer, Participant & Crazy Cheerer!

I am proud to be a member of Foothills Nordic Ski Club. At races, I often hear “those Foothills are fast”. This is not due to specialised genetic testing to qualify for our programs, but rather points to the huge levels of support this club provides. I am particularly impressed with the recruitment of high level athletes as coaches for the younger kids. These top skiers have typically progressed through a competitive career and are great role models for the kids in Jackrabbits, JR+ and Track Attack. The rapport with coaches builds a fun training environment that encourages kids to return day after day, year after year. After all, time on snow, rather than genetics, is a better predictor of success.