Cookie Race on February 25 – Join us

Forget about droids, forget about wookies,
Think ski trails and glide wax. Think chocolate chip cookies!

You line up with the racers, crowding close to the line,
The start gun goes off and resounds through the pine.

Your grip wax is working, your triceps feel strong,
You blow by Pocaterra, you blitz Come-Along.

Then Lynx, and then Wheeler, a quick Gatorade swill,
Whiskey Jack feels like it’s barely uphill!

On Tyrwhitt you’re focused, not unlike a laser.
You’re sure that you’re gaining on Tyson and Fraser!

The sunshine is brilliant, the scenery first-class,
As you pause for a cookie on top of Elk Pass.

Then you rocket downhill, at warp factor eleven,
On Fox Creek and Moraine you’re in single-track heaven.

One more cookie for Packers, your very last climb.
Then down to the finish — a new record time!

Oh the roar of the crowd! They all think that you’re great.
You kiss the volunteer with the big cookie plate.

You eat soup and more cookies, your strength is restored,
You wave to your fans and accept your award.

You resolve that next year you’ll come back to this place,
To make history once more at the Great Cookie Race!

The Kananaskis Ski Marathon, better known as the Cookie Race, takes place Saturday February 25, 2017 on the fabulous Peter Lougheed trail system. Details appear at Registration opens soon, and the volunteer sign-up sheet is live. Please consider volunteering to help make our biggest annual event great! Lots of volunteer jobs can be done by racers, including kids. We’ll need all members to bake cookies, even those not attending the race. More info to come via email as the day approaches.

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