Safety in Sport

Foothills Nordic and our coaching team take the safety of our young athletes very seriously. The Club recently updated its safety standards for working with vulnerable people, including children, youth and people with disabilities to coincide with current public expectations.  In July 2017, Foothills Nordic implemented a screening process that requires all coaches 16 years of age and older, paid and volunteer, to obtain security clearances. Other high-risk volunteer positions, like chaperones, also require screening.  This screening includes a Police Information Check and a Vulnerable Sector Verification.

The work the Club has been doing this past year, including ensuring that all coaches have NCCP certification, lines up well with the ideas presented in author Deirdra Dionne’s article for CBC Sports ‘3 Questions Parents Should Ask About Their Child’s Coach’.  “Best practices and continued diligence are important because, realistically, it shouldn’t take a traumatic event to ensure our sports are implementing safety measures.”  You can read the full article HERE.

If you ever have questions or concerns about your child’s safety with Foothills Nordic, please reach out to any of one of our dedicated volunteers on the Foothills Nordic Board of Directors.

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