Cross Country skiing trail grooming in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park (PLPP)

To all cross-country skiers

As you might be aware, in February of 2020, Albertans were met with surprise when the provincial government announced it would no longer be funding trail maintenance and grooming in three areas in Kananaskis Country: Ribbon Creek, Mt. Shark, and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

In April, the MLA for Banff Kananaskis, Miranda Rosin, undertook to bring together several stakeholders in the Kananaskis area to hear their concerns and to discuss possible solutions to the issue.  From that meeting, Ms Rosin sent a letter on May 7 to the Minister of Environment and Parks, the Honourable Jason Nixon, providing suggestions for a new fee-based approach to activities in Kananaskis to sustain trail grooming in the three areas.

We feel it may be helpful for our members and the broader ski community to write to their local MLA, the Minister of Environment and Parks, and the Premier with your support for the continuation of grooming in PLPP.  

Helpful information:

Nordiq Alberta published a web page at

Nordiq Alberta also provides a letter template as well as the list of MLAs

We encourage you to support PLPP and share your concerns with others in the ski community.  Please encourage others to email as well and help let our representatives know that PLPP is essential area for recreation and fitness and should be supported for the long term.


Thank you for your support.

Gabor Csonka

Foothills Nordic President


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