Masters vs Learn to Ski vs Ski Fitness- Which is the best fit for me?

Here are a few questions for you to self-assess which group Masters vs Learn to Ski vs Skit Fitness would fit best:

A: I want to ski 3 times a week
B: I want to ski only one evening a week
C: I want to ski Thursday mornings! Yippee, in the daylight!

A: I want to improve the power in my kick-double pole.
B: I no idea what a kick-double pole is

A: I want to learn about power generation in double pole
B: I need to improve the timing in my double pole

A: I am interested in interval workouts on skis
B: I want to focus on technique improvement

A: I am interested in a dry-land program I the fall with weights, ski striding and roller skiing.
B: I want to start the program with skiing in December

A: I am interested in learning about racing and definitely doing the Cookie Race and maybe even an AB Cup or two.
B: I want to focus on recreational skiing

If you answer mostly A, then Masters will be fun and enjoyable.
If you answer mostly B, then Learn to Ski will be the right program for you.
If you answered C to any, then Ski Fitness would be a good fit for you.

We are happy to help you change programs if you find its not the right fit.

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